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Apple trees, newts … and an enviable glasshouse

13 May
The glasshouse at Acorn Bank

Nestled among the herbs: The glasshouse at Acorn Bank

The National Trust garden at Acorn Bank, near Penrith, is a very special place. It has a massive range of fruit trees, especially apples, many from around this region – as well as a fascinating herb garden, and a pond inhabited by crested newts.

Sadly, there’s no perchcrow – or even a scarecrow – but it’s still a wonderful place to visit, if you’re in the area.

Amanda and her volunteers had a brilliant training visit there last week. She tells me that she especially enjoyed seeing their glasshouse, which has been recently restored.

It has really encouraged her in her fund-raising push to recreate a Georgian glasshouse here. It won’t be cheap – as all the glass will have to be specially made – but it will be a beautiful addition to our garden.

If you’d like to donate, please get in touch!

A plethora of herbs at Acorn Bank

Stunning display: A plethora of herbs at Acorn Bank


Perchcrows (and mice) who want to live in glasshouses…

29 Jun
The historic glasshouse range at Quarry Bank Mill

Project: The historic glasshouse range at Quarry Bank Mill

My friends Bubble and Squeak, the mice who live in my hat and pocket, would love a new home for the winter. Although Amanda’s shed is nice and cosy, it’s quite dark and they long for somewhere light to spend the months when we’re not open to the public.

This inspired me to have a chat with her about the possibility of having a Georgian-style glasshouse built in our lovely garden. It would allow us to have brightly coloured Pelargoniums to adorn the house – Amanda tells me they were very popular indoor plants in the 18th century. And it would make a splendid winter home for my friends – and for me.

She got very excited about this possibility and dashed off to Quarry Bank Mill, a living, working cotton mill run by the National Trust, near Manchester. Ann, the gardener there, is involved in a project to restore their range of historic glasshouses.

Amanda and garden volunteers Jean and Kat had a fantastic time with Ann seeing behind the scenes, and were thrilled to be given two pieces of overlapping Georgian glass to bring back to Wordsworth House for us to have copied. Now, all we need is to raise enough money to start building.

Amanda, Jean and Ann at Quarry Bank Mill

In cognito: If you want to see Amanda from the front, you’ll have to come and visit us – she hates having her photo taken. PS: Jean doesn’t normally look this cross – she was squinting into the sun

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