Let’s keep in touch…

3 Nov
Hannah with Fletch

Hand in hand: Me and my new friend Hannah

Elizabeth dressed as Dorothy Wordsworth

In character: Elizabeth dressed as Dorothy Wordsworth

Elizabeth with the dolls' house

Feeling at home: Elizabeth with the dolls’ house

The last of the visitors may have left Wordsworth House and Garden for the year, but I’m in no danger of getting lonely.

There’s lots of winter work scheduled for the coming weeks both indoors and out. As well as routine maintenance and cleaning, I have everything from a wedding tea party to a tree pruning workshop to look forward to.

And who could be lonely when you are sent wonderful fan mail? I was thrilled to receive the photograph above from Hannah, who visited recently with her family to enjoy the late autumn colour in my garden.

Elizabeth has also been in touch after coming to the house to listen to the costumed servants’ ghostly traditional tales during the October holiday week.

Her mum emailed: “She loved the spooky stories and retold them to her brothers in detail. And I just loved the poetry room.”

As the picture on the right shows, Elizabeth also had fun playing with our dolls’ house.

We reopen for 2015 on Saturday, March 7. I hope you’ll come to see us then, take a picture, send a copy – and let me know the highlights of your visit.


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