Meet my rodent-friendly rival

30 Jun
Fred the perchcrow

Paying court: Fred the perchcrow with his maker Hester

You may remember a few weeks ago that I introduced my new “lady admirer” Flora, who lives at Caversham Court Gardens in Reading. I had hoped we could be more than just friends, but she insisted we take things slowly.

Sadly, I may have discovered why she was so reticent. She already has a companion. His name is Fred, and he’s the under-gardener at Caversham Court.

Although I am, to put it mildly, quite devastated, my mouse friends, Bubble and Squeak, were rather excited to see a photo of Fred, because he too has mice living on him.

Please don’t be too upset for me, though, as I have a cunning plan to woo the fair Flora – watch this space for details over the coming weeks.

Fred with his rodent friend

Mouse friendly: Fred with his rodent companion


One Response to “Meet my rodent-friendly rival”


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