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Meet my rodent-friendly rival

30 Jun
Fred the perchcrow

Paying court: Fred the perchcrow with his maker Hester

You may remember a few weeks ago that I introduced my new “lady admirer” Flora, who lives at Caversham Court Gardens in Reading. I had hoped we could be more than just friends, but she insisted we take things slowly.

Sadly, I may have discovered why she was so reticent. She already has a companion. His name is Fred, and he’s the under-gardener at Caversham Court.

Although I am, to put it mildly, quite devastated, my mouse friends, Bubble and Squeak, were rather excited to see a photo of Fred, because he too has mice living on him.

Please don’t be too upset for me, though, as I have a cunning plan to woo the fair Flora – watch this space for details over the coming weeks.

Fred with his rodent friend

Mouse friendly: Fred with his rodent companion

Wordsworth House and Garden in 250-property National Trust marathon

19 Jun
Blogger Cathy Boyle

Blogger Cathy Boyle: Writing about her visits to over 250 National Trust properties

I’ve just had a message from a fellow blogger who’s on a really impressive mission. Cathy Boyle has set herself the goal of visiting more than 250 National Trust properties, and she’s sharing her experiences via a blog called National Trust Challenge.

She wanted us to know how much she’d enjoyed her recent visit to Wordsworth House and Garden, after seeing us on ITV reality series Inside the National Trust.

In her post about the visit, Cathy wrote: “I bumped into Head Gardener Amanda (or ‘her off the telly’), who felt like an old friend! We had a nice chat about the garden and the other NT gardens I am due to visit over the next few days.”

She and Amanda talked about the 2009 floods which swamped the centre of Cockermouth. Cathy said: “The flood came just five years after the garden had been given a facelift and replanted with more authentically Georgian plants, so the poor lady and her team had to start again almost from scratch.

“Mind you, it actually sounds like she quite enjoyed the challenge, and her passion for the garden is infectious. I would recommend that you sign up to spend some time with Amanda’s enthusiasm if you get the opportunity on your own visit.”

Cathy also mentioned me: “Another fixture in the garden is Fletch the Perchcrow, so called because he’s not very scary! He actually has his very own blog so it was nice to meet a fellow scribe.”

I hope after completing her challenge, she’ll come back and visit us again.

Make Alex’s Tandem your literary “hidden gem”

10 Jun
Alex reads from Tandem at Wordsworth House

Book launch: Alex Morgan reads from Tandem at Wordsworth House

My friend Alex Morgan needs your votes! Her wonderful book Tandem, which won the 2013 Hookline Novel Competition, has been long-listed in the Reading Agency’s search for a literary “hidden gem”.

Voting is open until June 18 and the winner will be announced ten days later on National Reading Group Day.

Tandem is a quirky tale about love, loss, a celebrity penguin – and riding a bicycle built for two. Read my review here. I really think it deserves to win, so I’m hoping that lots of you will visit the Reading Agency’s website and cast your vote for it!

If you haven’t read it yet, why not pop down to our shop at Wordsworth House and Garden and pick up a copy? All the money you spend there helps to keep me in stuffing!

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