Tandem is a five-star read

3 May
Alex holds her novel Tandem for Fletch to read

In tandem: Alex holds her novel while I read

I’ve really enjoyed reading Tandem, the new novel by my friend Alex, Wordsworth House and Garden’s interpretation and communications manager, although Bubble and Squeak, the mice who live in my pocket, have been complaining that they keep getting drenched as I have been shedding a few tears.

It has also made me long for a pair of legs, as her descriptions of the seaside and the joy of riding a bike have made me want to experience them for myself.

Alex tells a darned good story and I didn’t want it to end, as it whiled away many long nights in the garden, which can be a bit lonely at times. I’m a sociable chap and like visitors, staff and volunteers to keep me company.

I feel like Sanders and Paula, her main characters, have become old friends. I especially liked the humour and descriptions of the escapades with the penguins, and the fat fairies at the fair had me and my loyal mice howling with laughter.

My friend Mr Penguin, who’s sitting on my should in the picture, loved reading about Sir Nils Olav, Edinburgh zoo’s celebrity penguin.

I’m very proud of Alex and have got her to write an inscription especially for me and have my own copy tucked up in my stuffing to keep it out of the rain.

You can buy Tandem at the Wordsworth House shop, which is, of course, the best place to get it, as all the income keeps my place of work cared for and well maintained. You can also get Alex to sign it for you, so you can sell it for lots of money when she’s world famous.

If you can’t make it to Cockermouth, Tandem – which won the Hookline Novel Competition – is also available on Amazon.

My verdict: 5 stars!


4 Responses to “Tandem is a five-star read”

  1. hilarymb May 12, 2014 at 5:52 pm #

    Hi Fletch – lovely write up of Alex’ story .. mind you sitting in a sundrenched garden with Alex, you and Scarecrow would be very entertaining …

    I’m glad you recovered from the floods … and Wordsworth House must be an amazing place to work at … lovely countryside too .. cheers Hilary


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