Penguins ride in by tandem

28 Apr
Alex Morgan and celebrity penguins at the launch of Tandem

Celebrity penguins: Alex with some very special guests at her book launch

My friend Alex, Wordsworth House and Garden’s interpretation and communications manager, has written a novel – and it’s won an award. How fabulous is that?

Tandem – which, she says, is about love, loss, a celebrity penguin and riding a bicycle built for two – won the annual Hookline Novel Competition judged by book groups from all around the UK.

We’ve just held not one but two very special launch events at the house. Alex read extracts from the book, and 80 guests drank wine and ate (what else?) Penguin biscuits. I love penguins – feathered and chocolate – so I was thrilled to be there.

The celebrity penguin in the book is real. He’s called Sir Nils Olav and he lives at Edinburgh Zoo. He was given his rank by the Norwegian army as he’s their mascot, and every few years they come over to Scotland and give him a promotion!

He couldn’t be at the launch himself, but he sent two of his representatives – there they are in the picture above.

I’m very much looking forward to reading Tandem and will be posting my review of it here shortly. Watch this space!


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