I’m back… and regenerated!

14 Apr

Fletch is back and looking better than ever

Better than ever: I hope you’ll agree I’m looking extremely well

Hello everyone… it’s so good to be back with you all after my kidnap ordeal. My therapy has been a great success and, like Dr Who, I have been regenerated, so I’m not just back to my old self, I’m feeling – and looking – better than ever.

Amanda, the Head Gardener, my chief assistant in this delicate process, says she’s given me a little extra padding as this is my sixth regeneration, so in Dr Who terms, I’m Colin Baker. (If that means nothing to you, she suggests you Google him!)

Fletch the Perchcrow's new flag

Perfect symbol: My new flag

I’m particularly proud of my new accessory – the Fletch flag. My name is symbolised by the arrow in the centre, as an arrow maker is known as a Fletcher. This is also a link to my namesake, Fletcher Christian, of Mutiny on the Bounty fame.

The arrow is hung with a blue bell, taken from the Wordsworth family coat of arms, and this symbolises my home, Wordsworth House and Garden, in Cockermouth. There’s a crow to denote my role as a scarecrow, but it’s perched on the arrow and bell to hint at my lack of scariness!

All of this is placed on a golden daffodil silhouette, which rests on a green field. These recall both the famous poetry of Wordsworth and the beautiful garden of his childhood home, where I now live.

My flag was a gift from one of my friends, Philip, who works as the Community Vexillologist for the Flag Institute – isn’t that the best job title you ever heard? Amanda took a while to get her mouth round it!

What it means is that Philip works with groups and communities who want to develop a flag and have it included in the UK Flag Registry. He provides resources and templates, does historical research and even draws up the artwork for many flags.

Philip is also an advisor to the Parliamentary Flags and Heraldry Committee, and – even more important – he’s a massive Whovian (that’s a Dr Who fan, to the uninitiated). Isn’t he talented!


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