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Daisy dog to the rescue

25 Mar
Rescue team

Ready for action: Our crack rescue team assembled at Millbeck Towers

Amanda here with brilliant news. Following Agent Double-O-Jim’s intelligence gathering, we put together a crack team of rescue operatives to seize Fletch from the clutches of his evil kidnapper.

Thanks to intervention by Daisy, the trainee mountain rescue dog, the operation went like clockwork and Fletch is now back among his friends and receiving counselling. He will be blogging again soon.

Daisy subdues the kidnapper

Bad man down: Trainee mountain rescue dog Daisy subdues the kidnapper

Fletch rescue achieved

In safe hands: Fletch’s ordeal is over


Fletch kidnapping: At last a glimmer of hope

18 Mar

Fletch and his kidnapper

Spotted: Fletch and his kidnapper

Our investigator Agent Double-O-Jim has come good! He followed up on a tip off (but refuses to reveal his sources) and snatched this snap of Fletch and his kidnapper in the garden of their hideaway love nest Millbeck Towers, a palatial holiday property with stunning views near Keswick.

Jim and I (Head Gardener Amanda) are working on a cunning rescue plan. Watch this space – we’ll keep you updated.

A plea from Fletch’s friends

11 Mar

Fletch's friends

Missing him: Fletch’s friends, including his mini-me, Little Fletch, are miserable without him

With no sign of Fletch’s return, following the dreadful news that he has fallen in love with his kidnapper (or so the kidnapper says), some of his dearest friends would like to make the following plea:

Hello world – and evil kidnapper – we are the knitted dolls who live in Wordsworth House and Garden’s splendid Family Explorer Bags.

Please, we beg you, let Fletch come home to his true friends. We miss him and are crying ourselves to sleep every night.

His mini-me, Little Fletch (second from the left in our picture), is going to need therapy if he doesn’t come back soon!

Agent Double-O-Jim is on Fletch’s trail

7 Mar

Agent 00Jim

Our man on the inside: Agent Double-O-Jim, in heavy disguise

It’s Amanda at the keyboard again – and, at last, I have some encouraging news about Fletch’s abduction.

Following the body blow we received earlier this week concerning his relationship with his kidnapper, we have engaged a secret agent to track the lovebirds down.

Agent Double-O-Jim (any resemblance to North Lakes Countryside Membership Recruiter Jim is entirely coincidental) has gone deep under cover to search for clues about their location.

Once he finds their love nest, we will be organising a daring rescue and a course of therapy sessions for Fletch to reverse the brainwashing. Wish us luck!

Fletch succumbs to Stockholm Syndrome

5 Mar

Fletch and his kidnapper

Lovebirds: Fletch and his kidnapper on the shores of Derwentwater

Amanda here. We have more alarming news to report. The following message, and the photograph above, arrived today:

All at Wordsworth House and Gardens.
I have come to realise over the last few days why you want Fletch back so much. I have grown fonder of him than I could possibly imagine.
I think Fletch feels the same way. In fact, he wants to stay here. No amount of coffee or cakes could buy him back.
I will not be in touch again. I hope you will wish him all the best in his new life.

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