Stop press: A development in Fletch’s kidnapping

24 Feb

Kidnapped Fletch in the road

Evil: The kidnappers make their intentions clear

Head Gardener Amanda here again. I have a very disturbing development to report following the kidnapping of Fletch and his friend Bubble late last week.

Earlier today, we received the following updated ransom demand – and the vile images above and below.

“Fletch tried to escape.
We are not messing around. We caught him and if he tries again, he knows what he’ll get. We’ve now moved him to a more secure location.
Because he’s been so troublesome the ransom demand is going up.
We want transport to an airport and a private plane waiting to take us to Switzerland.
And not just cake – we want scones.
And don’t try to blame the Rangers. You could not meet a finer group of hard-working true professionals.”

We’ve got Sue, our baker, working overtime on cakes and scones, and we’re in touch with head office about the plane. In the meantime, we’ve realised the culprit couldn’t possibly be one of the North Lakes Rangers – sorry, boys – the note’s too well written.

Small Kidnapped Fletch at the farm

Relocated: Fletch is moved to a new hiding place


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