We’re the home of romance!

3 Feb
Happy couples at Wordsworth House and Garden

Happy couples: Bride and groom to be Suzi and Nick flanked by Alex and Trevor (left) and Gwen and Keith

As the birthplace of William Wordsworth, Wordsworth House and Garden may be the home of romantic poetry, but with Valentine’s Day approaching, I’m claiming us the title “home of romance” too.

Suzi, our ex-visitor services manager, and Nick, our former manservant, who moved south a couple of years ago, have decided to come back for the most important day of their lives: their wedding. As they told us, nowhere but Wordsworth House would do!

Nick now works as a food historian specialising in the Georgian period (have a look at his website), so they will be tying the knot dressed in full 18th-century splendour, surrounded by family and friends, in our beautiful drawing room this summer.

But they are far from the only couple to spend their time here. Our current maid-of-all-work and manservant, Gwen and Keith, may yell at each other at work, but in real life they’re happily married.

In a few weeks, their manager Alex, a former maid-of-all-work herself, will celebrate her 13th wedding anniversary with ex-café assistant Trevor, who now works for our owner, the National Trust, as a recruitment ranger in the nearby Borrowdale Valley.

Trevor and Alex’s daughter Natalie was our first ever bride, back in the summer of 2012, which makes the place even more special for them.

We also have three couples in our volunteer team, including my lovely garden friends Kat and Ian.

If you’d like to know more about getting married in our wonderful house and garden, download our brochure or give us a call on 01900 824805.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Natalie and Ian, our first bride and groom

Special day: Natalie and Ian, our first bride and groom, showered with confetti

Bride Natalie the morning after her big day

Visitor: Bride Natalie, the new Mrs O’Neill, came to see me the morning after her big day


2 Responses to “We’re the home of romance!”

  1. Bill Paul February 3, 2014 at 11:53 am #

    Hi Fletch! I assume you will be officiating as ‘Best Man’ at the wedding. Have you got your speech ready yet? Give them by best wishes when you see them. I am now working at Fountains Abbey, and am presently acting as guide in the 12th century flour mill – a bit different to WHG, and much colder as it’s open to the elements with no heating. In March, however, I’m also being involved with the Victorian Gothic revival church, which should be interesting.

  2. Fletch the perchcrow February 3, 2014 at 11:56 am #

    Hi Bill! How lovely to hear from you – we still miss you, you know. Glad to know you’re settling in at Fountains though. My typist Alex will be in your neck of the woods in a few weeks, so I’ll ask her to look out for you. Amazing news here – we’ve been shortlisted in the Most Innovative category of the UK Blog Awards!
    Fletch x

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