Stepping back in time to the ironmongers

7 Nov
Inside Banks' emporium

Impressive ironmongery: Inside Banks’ emporium

This week in Inside the National Trust, my boss, Head Gardener Amanda, and volunteers Jean and Alison take a trip down Cockermouth’s Georgian Main Street to visit JB Banks’ amazing Victorian ironmongery.

The 20-week behind-the-scenes ITV series features six National Trust properties, including my home, Wordsworth House and Garden.

Amanda goes to Banks’ to get her traditional garden tools sharpened ready for the new season’s work. The shop, which was founded in 1836, has changed little over the intervening years.

The deeds of the building, which is older than the shop itself, bear the signature of William Wordsworth’s father, John, who was agent for local bigwig Lord Lowther.

In one concession to the modern world of television, current owner Vanessa keeps bundles of four candles on the counter, especially for fans of the Two Ronnies’ immortal ironmongery sketch!

Inside the National Trust is showing on ITV1 on Sundays, usually at around 12.25pm, over the autumn and winter – or you can catch up on your TV or PC.

JB Banks on Cockermouth Main Street

Memory Lane: JB Banks on Cockermouth Main Street


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