Meet Emilie, my guest blogger

26 Aug

Historic meeting: Emilie and Fletch

Today I’m handing over to a special guest blogger: 15-year-old Emilie, who is a pupil at Cockermouth School and daughter of our retail consultant and duty manager Sian. Emilie recently spent a week’s work experience with our lovely costumed servants. This is what she has to say about it:

Being an apprentice costumed servant for the week was exciting. Every morning was a new adventure and every day I came to work with a smile on my face.

On day one, I went out into the garden and picked 18th-century white strawberries. This was the first time I met Fletch. He was very warm and friendly, as was everybody else.

As I got used to the routine of the house, I would go into the garden more frequently to pick herbs such as lemon balm and thyme or rose petals and other edible flowers for garnishes, and every time I would see Fletch saying hello to the visitors.

During the week, I learned more about the Georgians and by Wednesday I was helping give the “Playthings and Pastimes” talk, adding my own research on theatre in the Georgian times.

I loved working with the other servants, Sophia, Helen, Ruth, Gwen and Keith. They were all very nice and bubbly and always made me feel welcome, just like Fletch did.

By the end of this amazing week, I realised, though, that if I was living in Georgian times it would have been much nicer to have been upper class than a servant – but everyone says that, even Fletch.

Emilie with Helen, left, and Sophia

Emilie with Helen, left, and Sophia


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