Ode to Billy Paul…

21 Aug
Bill Paul

Volunteers: Bill, far right, with Amanda, far left, and members of the house and garden team

I’m feeling quite sad at the moment, as one of my closest friends has moved away. Bill Paul, who was a volunteer room guide at Wordsworth House and Garden for 11 years, has moved to live in Yorkshire.

As well as being a knowledgeable room guide, Bill is a very talented musician and I’ve spent many a happy afternoon listening to the sound of his harpsichord playing drifting out of the house.

You could always tell when the last visitors had left because he would switch from classical melodies to his favourite Abba tunes. You’re lucky there’s no audio on this blog, so I haven’t been able to share with you the “melodious” sounds of Head Gardener Amanda singing along!

Our sad loss is the Yorkshire area of the National Trust’s gain, as he’s already making enquiries about volunteering opportunities over on that side of the country.

Amanda, the team and I wish you all the best, Bill – come back and see us soon!


4 Responses to “Ode to Billy Paul…”

  1. Bill Paul August 21, 2013 at 5:39 pm #

    Well Fletch, when did you visit The Wizard of Oz? I believe he wanted a heart, but you have proved by your comments that you already have one! I am sorry to go, and will always remember the happy times I have had at WHG, the joy I experienced learning all about William Wordsworth’s life and times, and meeting and speaking with all the wonderful people who came to the house. But most of all I shall miss my friends and colleagues who have become over the years such an important part of my life, almost like an extended family. It still seems to be unbelievable to me that that important part of my life has finally drawn to a close. I shall miss you all, and will certainly be back to visit from time to time..When I finally get settled, I will send you details of where I am and let you know how I am getting on. I have already been in touch with Mr Moss, who looks after the volunteers at Fountains Abbey, and he says he want to arrange a meeting. He has sent me a form to fill in, part of which asks or a reference. Will you be a referee for me? Thanks Fletch!

  2. Fletch the perchcrow August 21, 2013 at 5:43 pm #

    I would be delighted to give you a reference, Bill.

    Your friend Fletch x

    • Bill Paul October 1, 2013 at 3:38 pm #

      Hi Fletch, I put your name down as a reference, and I had a meeting this morning with Andrew Moss, who looks after the volunteers at Fountains Abbey. They are actively looking for volunteers in The Mill, The Banqueting Suite and the Church which is part of the estate (the church has an organ which needs to be played – I used to have a cinema organ!). So you, Rachel and Zoe may be approached for your comments. If you are contacted, say some nice things about me please! Your friend, Bill.

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