Meet Arnold – a most determined man

1 Aug
Going underground: Arnold, the molecatcher

Going underground: Arnold, the molecatcher

A new team member has just arrived in our garden – and he’s been giving unsuspecting visitors, volunteers and staff members quite a start.

His name is Arnold, the molecatcher, and he’s the handiwork of our wonderful volunteer Lynne Hardman, the fabulous yarn bomber, who makes the tea cosies for TV’s Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

Here’s what she told me about why she made him…

Arnold, the molecatcher, was inspired by a happening in our family. My father, Jack Forster, a farmer and noted gardener, decided to lay a level and immaculate lawn on which to practice his bowling technique. No sooner than it was looking lush and verdant, the mole appeared, wreaking havoc.

He tried every method suggested to rid himself of the pest: traps, poisoning, windmills, Jeyes fluid, mole repellent plants and, the funniest of them all, the exhaust fume plan. This involved backing the car down the garden and connecting a hose to the exhaust with a view to gassing them.

At the same time, he got Mam, not the most athletic of women but noted to have a very keen sense of smell, to crawl around the lawn on her hands and knees, to trace the other end of the run. Needless, to say she had no luck.

The problem continued for months, till one day Mam was washing the dishes and looked out of the window to see a mound appear on the lawn. She yelled: “Jack – the mole!” Dad rushed down the garden, caught the mole as it appeared, threw it up in the air and thwacked it right down the field with a nearby spade.

End of problem!


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