Welcome to our world…

25 Mar
Jim with the Tardis

Have Tardis will travel: Jim, one of the new arrivals on Wordsworth House reception

I’d like to introduce you to some very special people – a former children’s TV presenter, a Doctor Who fanatic, a leather-clad motorcycle tourist, and a lady with no sense of smell.

If you visit us here at Wordsworth House and Garden, you’ll meet at least one of them at the start of your journey of discovery, as they’re all members of our seasonal visitor reception team.

In her early 20s, new starter Elaine Wise was a children’s TV presenter for Channel 4 and she worked with megastar Jonathan Ross when he was just a humble researcher.

Fellow newbie Jim Hughes is Doctor Who crazy and used to run a shop that specialised in Egyptian arts and crafts.

Intrepid retired advisory teacher Jen Jackson, who is in her second season on reception, has toured Europe on a motorbike.

And lovely Susan Smithson, who has been with us for several years, rues the fact that she has no sense of smell. She told me sadly: “I miss out on all the lovely scents of your garden.”

Susan was a huge help after the horrendous flood of November 2009 – as the picture shows.

Susan brushing bushes

Bush brushing: Susan clearing silt after the flood

Jen in reception

Warm welcome: Jen ready for the day on visitor reception


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