Meet my favourite girls

30 Jan

My girls: Madam Hetty (foreground), with Maisie (behind) and Poppy, the white hen

I’m getting really excited as it will soon be time for me to come out of hibernation in Amanda’s shed and begin the season’s work here at Wordsworth House and Garden.

I’m particularly looking forward to welcoming back my special friends, the girls, aka our Scots Dumpy hens Poppy, Madam Hetty and Maisie, who have been spending the winter enjoying the hospitality of Chris, the National Trust’s Whitehaven coast ranger.

Some people think one hen is much like another, but they all have distinct personalities.

Poppy is the boss of our trio and is always first out of their replica 18th-century henhouse in the mornings. She’s the most confident and, if she gets annoyed, tends to peck.

Madam Hetty was called plain Hetty to begin with but quickly acquired her prefix as her true nature made itself known. She’s rather moody and tends to throw clucking strops.

Maisie may be bottom of the pecking order with the other two, but she’s certainly our favourite. An absolute sweetie and very clever, she gets the most treats as she’s so savvy and quick to learn.

If you haven’t already met our girls, do come and see them after we open for the new season on Saturday, March 9.

Lonely this winter: House Steward Rachel (left) and Interpretation and Comms Manager Alex check the empty henhouse


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