Amanda’s garden then and now…

22 Jan

As I mentioned in my previous post, Amanda has tracked down some wonderful pictures of how her garden used to look in the 20th century – we can’t be much more specific with many of the dates, as the ones she found in the National Trust’s online image library are undated.

We can be fairly certain about this one (above) though, as it shows Mrs Ellis, who lived with her family in the house in the 1930s, on the terrace with her mother. The picture belongs to her daughter Odille, who remembers growing up here, before the house was sold to the town of Cockermouth in 1937 and handed over to the National Trust a year later.

This is how the terrace looks now – I’m sure Mrs Ellis would be pleased that we have recently rebuilt the summerhouse.

This one shows the back garden some time before 1985, when the house received a coat of terracotta limewash.

This is how it looked in summer 2012 – with historically authentic vegetable plots in the place of lawn – as taken by Chris Smith, a visitor with a talent for photography!


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