I’ve gone into hibernation!

30 Nov


It may not look dignified, but I don’t mind, as my friends Kat and Jean carry me off to my cosy winter home in the shed. Don’t worry though – I may be hibernating, but I won’t be entirely idle, as I’ll still be blogging between snoozes!


Some of you may have already emptied your flower and vegetable beds for winter, but we’re just getting down to business, as we wait until we’re closed for the season to start this messy and disruptive task.

We also tend to clear less than you might expect at this time of year, leaving low-growing herbaceous plants for beneficial insects who, like me, enjoy hibernating over the cold winter months.


When the great flood of November 2009 struck Cockermouth, taking down several of Wordsworth House’s garden walls that had stood since 1690, amazingly, Kat’s beans poles remained standing. When Amanda suggested that moving them was now well overdue, as she likes to rotate the vegetable plots, Kat staged a one-woman protest to try to keep them in their original location.

Although she distracted Amanda temporarily, they were eventually moved to an new site in the garden!


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