A courgette by any other name

5 Jul
The long herbaceous border at Helmsley

Colourful: The long herbaceous border at Helmsley

If you love gardens and are going to be in Yorkshire this summer, pay a visit to Helmsley Walled Garden, near Thirsk. Amanda and her volunteers went on an excursion there this week and they loved it.

Like my home here, it’s a Georgian walled garden filled with gorgeous, colourful plants – and like this garden, it’s run by a charity so depends on the hard work of a dedicated volunteer team to keep it in tip-top shape.

Amanda couldn’t resist taking the snap below to show Sian, the senior retail consultant in our splendid shop. Sian said she wouldn’t mind sharing her name with a fuchsia or a peony, but she wasn’t so keen on a courgette. Sian isn’t exactly the green-fingered type, though – she’d be the first to admit that if she was in charge, this place would be Astroturfed from edge to edge!

Green and lovely: Sian, the retail consultant

Sian, the courgette

Green and leafy: Sian, the courgette


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