Thieving birds and a visiting armadillo

3 May

A jackdaw helps itself to some of Amanda’s string

We’ve had a mixed week of animal antics in the garden. It started with gardener Amanda arriving to find a blackbird fledgling sitting in the café’s milk crate by the back gate. She quickly discovered that National Trust fleeces are not just good for keeping you warm on a chilly morning; they’re also great for wrapping small birds that need to be moved to safety before the café staff claim their milk delivery. She reunited mother and baby in one of our Viburnum tinus shrubs.

The next bird incident is less heart-warming. A pair of cheeky jackdaws looking for nest material have been pinching tufts of my stuffing – Bubble and Squeak, my crocheted rodent companions, are outraged. Amanda swung into action with her camera when she realised the jackdaws were also helping themselves to the hemp string tying her ash poles together.

Things brightened up when I made a new friend – a lovely couple from Wales brought their travelling companion, Angus, the cuddly armadillo, to meet me. I wish I’d asked Amanda to take a picture of us together. If you’re coming to visit me, why not bring your cuddly friends, take a snap of us and send me a copy, care of Wordsworth House at


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