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Sunshine, lemon, canary and custard…

19 Apr
Spring flowers in Wordsworth House garden

The garden is full of the sunshiney yellows of springtime

… everything in the garden is lovely – and lots of it’s yellow! There are signs of spring everywhere, with primroses, cowslips and tulips out in all their glory. Apple blossom is bursting through and ladybirds abound. Amanda, the gardener, is busy sowing heritage vegetable seeds – trays of Red Drumhead and Early Winnigstadt cabbages and Purple Cape cauliflowers are snug and cosy in their solid oak cold frames. White Lisbon, Brown Spanish and Paris Silver Skinned onion seeds are just peeping through the soil. It’s well worth trying these old varieties, if you haven’t already – they look and taste as good as they sound.

I’ve been enjoying watching Amanda and her volunteers weaving a pea tunnel out of brashings – for the uninitiated like myself, it turns out these are either hazel or beech twigs. The Wordsworths’ gardener would have gathered them from the hedgerows, and they make a beautiful feature on their own, even before the peas and nasturtiums grow up them. Much more attractive than modern canes – come and see for yourself!

Am I the world’s first blogging perchcrow?

11 Apr
Fletch with Bubble and Squeak

Enjoying some spring sunshine with my friends, Bubble and Squeak

Hello world! I’m the perchcrow at the National Trust’s Wordsworth House and Garden – birthplace of romantic poet William Wordsworth – in the gem town of Cockermouth in the English Lake District.

Gardener Amanda and her volunteers, who made me, call me a perchcrow because I’m no good at scaring anything. Apart from Amanda and the vols, I have two good friends, who are mice called Bubble and Squeak – Bubble lives in my straw hat and Squeak likes the view from my pocket.

I’m planning to blog about my life here in the garden with Amanda and the team. I hope you’ll enjoy reading what I write!

Fletch x

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